sábado, 18 de octubre de 2014

Lihou Island

Walking slowly around
wandering from the path
light breeze combining
wisely with the Sun
the perfect temperature
of sunlight on my skin.
And the springy it
under my apprentice feet,
as soft as your voice
delightfully juicy.
Birds talking to me
humming honest truth
and the muffled sound
of water against the rocks.

And you

approaching to me smiling
whispering words
of deep fire in my ear.

The smooth ground
mixture of soil and grass
marvellous under my feet 

and the touch of sunshine
spicy bite,
almost rocking me.

And you

standing along with me
staring wickedly at me
rummaging in the deepest.

Waves surrounding me
in marvellous harmony
with this perfect instant
that is fading away,
absolutely delicious.

And you.

On my mind.

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